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It's a very delicate time with the Coronavirus pandemic going on around the world.

Having all the Jiu-Jitsu Academies closed to support the lock down, the BJJ community got united trying to help practitioners around the world to access online training material maintaining some training routine. 

In order to support this movement, and to help individuals with their fitness and mobility routine EVR1's coach Prof. Escobar released a series of basic exercises and drills you can  practice at any space. 

This exercises can be done anywhere and by anyone with or without BJJ experience.

Depending on your fitness level:


- 15 sec ON (executing the exercise in constant rhythm )

- 45 sec OFF (recovering)


- 30 sec ON (executing the exercise in constant rhythm )

- 30 sec OFF (recovering)


- 45 sec ON (executing the exercise in constant rhythm )

- 15 sec OFF (recovering)

The number of SETS may vary from 1 to 5 SETS OF EACH EXERCISE. 

We advise to mix the number of sets accordingly to your physical level and available time.

Enjoy the work out.



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