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5 reasons why to wear a rash guard?

1. Reduces the Spread of Bacteria It is very common for the gi to naturally open during training exposing as much as 40% more skin surface. When you wear a rashguard under your gi you are significantly decreasing skin-to-skin and skin-to-mat contact. Our school is on top of cleaning and disinfecting, however there is a lot of sweating when grappling and we're re in constant physical contact with our training partners and that's exactly where the rash guards makes a big difference

2. Prevents mat burn and irritation. The thick material of a gi provides many benefits including a protective layer between the mat and the skin but still there is some direct friction between the skin and the gi material. People with sensitive skin often choose to wear a rash guard to protect themselves from gi burn or mat burn. Rashguards provide protection and can divert some of that friction to the from the skin, or even displace it all together, as it’s surface is a lot smoother than your skin.

3. Increases Modesty Most people feel more comfortable with the extra coverage a rash guard provides. You may discover that you’re more likely to find a willing grappling opponent when wearing a rashguard, because it decreases the exposure of body hair, sweat, and skin imperfections.

4. Moisture Control

As a fact: The more we train, the more we sweat! Most rashguards are made from a polyester and spandex blended fabric. The properties of this stretchy fabric make it perfect for moisture control. The rashguard wicks sweat away from the skin causing it to evaporate or be absorbed into the gi. This keeps moisture at bay, so you are able to maintain dry hands for better grips providing not only a much more efficient but also a safer training session.

5. Muscle Compression can help prevent injury

Wearing a rash guard can speed up injury recovery due to the compression of the muscles and improvement of the blood flow. Just as there are compression braces that reduce injuries of the knees and ankles, rash guards may also reduce the occurrence of minor acute injuries. Also, the rash guard has a perfect fitting to the body avoiding fingers to get caught by accident during rolls.

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